1.0       Introduction

 2.0     Impact Analyses

2.1.      Equality

Due consideration has been given to the Bribery Act 2010 in the development of this policy and no specific risks were identified.



3.1.      This policy applies to all our employees, clinical and non-clinical including locums and contractors working with us.

3.2.      All our employees have an individual responsibility for the protection and welfare of children and must know what to do if they are concerned that a child is being abused or neglected.

4.0       Policy Aim


4.1.      We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and neglect.

4.2       This policy outlines how our service will fulfil its statutory responsibilities and ensure that there are in place robust structures, systems and quality standards for safeguarding children, and for promoting the health and welfare of Looked After Children which are in line with the multi-agency safeguarding children partnerships of the relevant local authority to the child in need or at risk.

5.0       Our Commitment

            We are committed to ensuring that we will take measures that are necessary to equip our employees (clinical and non-clinical) with the information, training, tools, materials and resources that they need to place the safeguarding of children in every encounter with a service user.

6.0       Definitions